Interactive Presentation Tools

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with some of the (free) interactive presentation tools that are out there on the Internet. The two I have recently been working with are Glogster and Prezi.

Gloster was so fantastic and easy to use – I love the fact that you can just drag and drop items around the board and you can see pretty much everything you are working on at the same time. The graphics here are more “fun” and would lend themselves well to presentations of a more personal nature (think: “What I Did on my Vacation”, not “The Effects of Acid Rain on United States Farming”).

Prezi has the great zoom and fly feature that makes the great presentations you often see posted on YouTube or included in TED talks.  It was not as intuitive as Glogster, and finding and adjusting the tools was a bit more complicated, but overall it produced a more polished product that would be appropriate for a more formal presentation or a corporate atmosphere.

That said, I think both tools could easily find a place in our classrooms at the ELI. Students and teachers alike are bored with Power Point and there are so many other great tools out there….


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