QR Codes

In what could be considered either a flash of genius or a lightning bolt of insanity, I decided that the SALC needed a QR code:

Why? I’m not sure what sparked this idea. I had seen QR codes around for quite awhile now…perhaps it was the recent purchase of an iPhone that made me more aware of the codes or perhaps it was the desire for something new and interesting, but this was the result.

Honestly, making the QR code was quite simple. I found a free online service that generated the QR code after simply inputting the URL of the website I wanted the code to point to (which, in this case, was the SALC website).

I then simply printed out a bunch of paper copies of the code and hung them up around our buildings with enigmatic statements like “Scan me!” I’m hoping it increases our web traffic and perhaps gets more students to the website – students who aren’t yet using it as a resource.


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