The Flipped SALC?

I’ve been reading quite a bit recently about the idea of a flipped classroom – delivering content via video lessons that students watch at home and using class time for asking questions, working through problems, etc.

It got me thinking about the way we currently deliver the SALC orientation. We offer orientation in a video format, followed by a Q&A session. This should be similar to the idea of the flipped classroom, but I feel as though this could be taken even further.

Extend the orientation video? Create an “interactive” orientation experience (watch the video and complete a series of questions/online activities to ensure comprehension)?

Upon reflection, I believe that I will try creating an interactive orientation for next session. First, it means students can come for orientation at any time and we would be able to get them started at a computer as soon as they come. Second, we can have a final “score” pop of with their answers to the questions – 100% correct could garner a prize. The more I think about it, the more I think this idea has legs!



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