Week 2 of the 20% experiment

This week has given me the time required to start following the 20% rule in the SALC as well as in my class. I’ve really started renewing my focus on giving students the skills they need to become autonomous learners. If you think about it, if I successfully do my job at a certain point the veteran students will no longer need me but will be able to identify their own learning goals and find the materials necessary to achieve those goals.  My time would then primarily be spent creating resources and interacting with students who are new to the process of self-access.

Following that idea, the first workshop I’m going to offer this session will focus on the hows and whys of blogging (both video and written). I will be teaching the students how to set up a blog and why it is beneficial to their learning. I think many of them automatically assume that their teachers are responsible for telling them how they are doing (mostly via grades).  This workshop will stress how they can monitor their own progress over time and decide for themselves whether they are making adequate progress.

I have a few classes that plan to attend the workshop, so I’m excited to see their reactions.

As far as class goes, the open syllabus model is working brilliantly – the students are very focused on the learning outcomes and attendance has really never been higher. I am very pleased with the way this experiment is moving forward.



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