Week Four – movin’ right along

As you can probably already tell, it’s been two weeks since I blogged about the 20% experiment. I will say that much of the last two weeks has been spent on innovation – I’ve been updating and improving the system by which we complete education plans for students in the SALC, I’ve been working on the iBooks readers and have been doing a wide variety of new activities in class (new improvs, new methods for scriptwriting, new assignments and rubrics that are student-designed).

And, of course, much of the last two weeks my focus was also on preparing to submit proposals for TESOL 2013, one of which is related to this experiment and the blog. No matter what the final outcome of the experiment, I’d like to share it with others. Shaking up the routine is rarely a negative thing. So, essentially, in the last two weeks I was doing so much innovating that I didn’t have time to blog. That’s a good thing!



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